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Крэйг встретил сына бывшего Бонда из "Казино Роял"

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Actor News - 13-03-07

Daniel Craig meets son of former `Casino Royale` Bond actor

Variety columnist Liz Smith recently "lunched with Sotheby's Jamie Niven in Michaels where we sat cheek by jowl with producer Diane Sokolow and Jennifer Holliday, the original Effie of "Dreamgirls" on Broadway."

Jamie recalled the Vanity Fair party at this year's Academy Awards. "Well, I stumbled as I was going to shake hands with Daniel Craig so 007 caught me right in his arms. I told him he was the best James Bond yet but I modestly added that my father had also played the same role in the original version of 'Casino Royale.' Craig said -- 'And your father would have been David Niven? Well, you know the original 'Casino Royale' is quite a cult movie.'"

Jamie agreed and went on to sit nearby with Angelica Huston. They reminisced as well about the first movie version of "Casino Royale" because her father, the late John Huston, also appeared therein with David Niven.



а я вот думала выкладывать эту новость

Вы здесь » Daniel Craig Forum » Новости. News » Крэйг встретил сына бывшего Бонда из "Казино Роял"