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Николь Кидман "нажимает на кнопки" Дэниэла

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Nicole Kidman pushes his buttons, admits Daniel Craig

To James Bond, Nicole Kidman is to die for, according to the ever reliable NYPost.

"She turns me on," Daniel Craig (above with Kidman in the new issue of W magazine) tells W. "In the nicest possible way, you understand."

Kidman kids Craig, 38, with whom she appears in two movies this year, became unbearable after he starred as Bond in "Casino Royale."

"In 24 hours, he became a diva," said Kidman, 39.






Craig & Kidman Get Hot and Heavy in Bed

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig take on the February 2007 issue of W Magazine. The A-listers connect twice this year on the big screen — The Invasion and His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass. Here’s an excerpt of Nicole and Daniel’s interview with W:

    Daniel Craig can’t stand listening to Nicole Kidman. In fact, it’s so painful that he has stuck his fingers in his ears and is humming loudly to drown her out. Meanwhile, Kidman is happily responding to a question about whether the 38-year-old actor changed after landing his role as James Bond last year.

    “Oh, completely,” deadpans Kidman, 39, who was with him, shooting one of their upcoming films, The Invasion, when he got the call. “In 24 hours he became a diva,” she adds, with a nod toward Craig, who continues to hum his tune as the pair sit in the cozy bar of a London photography studio, where they’re sharing a bottle of sparkling water. But then Kidman breaks down and tells the truth: “Oh, he didn’t change at all,” she says in her haute-Aussie twang. “The thing about Daniel, and the reason I like working with him, is that he’s an actor’s actor.”

    Of course, Craig has heard the whole thing, and he seems far more alarmed by the compliment than by the faux insult. “How dare you!” he shouts, and they both giggle.

    It is a chilly, slate gray autumn Saturday, and Kidman, who’s barefoot and still wearing a caffe latte–colored Dior gown from the fashion shoot, and Craig, in a navy blue cardigan more suited to Mister Rogers than Mr. Bond, are punchy after a long day posing under hot lights. On Monday they’ll return to the London set of The Golden Compass, a fantasy-adventure film based on the first book in Philip Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials. The movie, to be released later this year, is their second collaboration, the first being The Invasion, which is loosely based on Invasion of the Body Snatchers and is also due out in 2007.

On Nicole: pale green Alberta Ferretti silk chiffon dress with crystal details and sash and a Mikimoto bracelet. On Daniel: Flexible Fit Calvin Klein Underwear cotton T-shirt. Photographs by: David Sims.

UPDATE :: Two more quotes from the article! Daniel of Nicole: “She turns me on… in the nicest possible way, you understand.” Nicole of Daniel: “In 24 hours, he became a diva.”



Wednesday January 10, 12:50 PM

Washington, Jan 10 (ANI): Sixth Bond, Daniel Craig has admitted that he finds academy award winner, Nicole Kidman attractive.

The 38 year-old-actor, who starred alongside the Australian actress in new films like 'The Invasion' and 'The Golden Compass', said that the 39 year old actress turns him on.

"She turns me on. Not in a sordid, horrible way. well, come to think of It.," The Post Chronicle quoted him, as saying.

Craig also claimed that they have sparkling screen chemistry in the screen adaptation of Philip Pullman's best-selling book 'Dark Prophecy.

Ironically it was Kidman who had asked for his autograph for her adopted son Conor, when they met soon after it was definite that Craig was the next Bond.

"At first it seemed like she was just teasing him. Then she explained she really did want it because her son Conor is a massive Bond fan. I think it was probably the first autograph he ever signed as 007," the Daily Express quoted a source, as saying.

Kidman had also appreciated Craig and stated that he is an actor's actor. (ANI)



Daniel Craig's Kidman lust

BANG Showbiz
Jan. 9, 2007 03:39 PM

Daniel Craig says Nicole Kidman turns him on.[b]

The James Bond actor, who stars alongside Kidman in new films 'The Invasion' and 'The Golden Compass', admits he finds the Australian actress very attractive.
In an interview with US magazine W, Craig said: "She turns me on. Not in a sordid, horrible way...well, come to think of it..."

The 37-year-old hunk also claims he and Kidman, 38, had a bubbling chemistry when they worked together on the screen adaptation of Philip Pullman's best-selling book 'The Dark Prophecy'.

It seems the admiration isn't one-sided.

Kidman - who has two adopted children, Conor and Isabella, with ex husband Tom Cruise - asked Craig for his autograph shortly after she first met him and he was confirmed as the new Bond.

A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "At first it seemed like she was just teasing him. Then she explained she really did want it because her son Conor is a massive Bond fan. I think it was probably the first autograph he ever signed as 007."

Since working alongside Craig, Kidman has praised him, describing the British star as "an actor's actor".


[b]Дэниэл Крейг говорит что Николь Кидман его "включает".

Актер исполнивший роль Джеймса Бонда, который играет главную роль с Кидман в новых фильмах 'Вторжение' и 'Золотой Компас", признает, что посчитал австралийскую актрису очень привлекательной.

В интервью с американским журналом W, Крэйг сказал: "Она "включает" меня. Не противным, ужасным способом ... и потом задумываешься об этом ..."

37-летний красавчик также утверждает, что он и Кидман, имели "пузырящуюся химию", когда они сотрудничали на адаптации экрана бестселлера Филипа Паллмана 'Темное Пророчество'.

Кажется, что восхищение не является односторонним.

Кидман, которая имеет двух приемных детей, Конора и Изабеллу, вместе с бывшим мужем Томом Крузом, спрашивала у Крэйга его автограф вскоре после того, как она встретилась в первый раз с ним, и он был утвержден как новый Бонд.

Источник сказал британской газете  "Дэйли Экспресс": "Сначала это выглядело будто она только дразнила его. Тогда она объяснила, что действительно хотела этого, потому что ее сын Конор - большой поклонник Бонда. Я думаю, что это был первый автограф, который он когда-либо подписывал как 007."

Начиная с работы с Крэйгом, Кидман похвалила его, описывая британскую звезду как "актера из актеров".

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