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Получит ли Дэниэл номинацию на Лучшего актера?

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Daniel Craig for a Best Actor nomination

From G. Allen Johnson of The Chronicle staff

With just a few days to go until votes for Oscar nomination are due, let me make a last-minute push for what on the surface might seem a laughable candidate -- but bear with me!

I am speaking of one Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in "Casino Royale," and I am not joking. Craig has entirely remade the concept of James Bond as a character, and with 40 years of prehistory, that's hard to do. His Bond was not only totally unlike the performances of the five actors who had played Bond before him, but it was a fully realized character, with emotions, tough choices and real acting involved. Plus, "Casino Royale" is a fine film, co-written by Oscar-winner Paul Haggis and featuring an excellent supporting performance from another Oscar-winner, Judi Dench, among others.

I am not suggesting that Craig win the Oscar -- that should be Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland." But Craig should be one of the five nominated.

Can you name five better, more charismatic and riveting male performances in a 2006 movie?

Here's the 10 actors nominated for the Golden Globes: For drama, Whitaker, Leonardo DiCaprio twice (for "Blood Diamond" and "The Departed"), Peter O'Toole ("Venus") and Will Smith ("The Pursuit of Happyness"); for comedy, Sacha Baron Cohen ("Borat"), Johnny Depp ("Pirates II"), Aaron Eckhart ("Thank You for Smoking"), Chiwetel Ejiofor ("Kinky Boots") and Will Ferrell ("Stranger Than Fiction").

Here's the five actors nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Awards: DiCaprio ("Blood Diamond"), Ryan Gosling ("Half Nelson"), O'Toole, Smith and Whitaker.

My five: Whitaker, Craig, Gosling, DiCaprio ("The Departed")and Cohen. Just missed the cut -- Brad Pitt ("Babel") Clive Owen ("Children of Men"), Matt Damon (either "The Departed" or "The Good Shepherd").

There is precedent for Craig, both in perfecting a role previously played by others and as an action star. For one, O'Toole was nominated for playing Henry II in "The Lion in Winter" in 1968 just four years after many thought Richard Burton defined the role in "Becket." For two, Sigourney Weaver was nominated as the hero of a kick-ass action film in 1986 for "Aliens" -- which was also a sequel.

So don't be shy, voters! On your ballots, the name is Craig. Daniel Craig.

Posted By: G. Allen Johnson (Email) | January 08 2007 at 09:09 PM



Объявлены номинанты на Оскар... очень печально, но Крэйг не номинирован, кроме того, Казино Рояль нет ни в одной категории!!!! Может, из-за того, что фильм в конце года вышел? Иногда бывает, такие фильмы на следующий год аж переносят... Но в статье речь шла о 2006 году :(

Буду болеть хотя б за Дикаприо и "Отступников"  :cool:


Вот еще статейка о том, что Англия буквально захватила экран, и номинаций на английских актеров и фильмы будет много - читать

Однако, это была статья до того, как объявили номинантов... Англичан действительно, немало, безусловный фаворит - фильм "Королева", но "Казино Рояль" и не пахнет :(


Nominee Best Supportng Male
Daniel Craig
Independent Spirit Awards


да, Бафта и Independent Spirit Awards ему светят, а вот с Оскаром пролетел.


Оскар это святое времени еще вагон


получить Оскара за Бонда - это бред.
будто это предел его таланта.
нафиг, догоним и перегоним! =)


pinkhorse написал(а):

получить Оскара за Бонда - это бред.
будто это предел его таланта.
нафиг, догоним и перегоним! =)

да я на это и не рассчитывала, хотелось чтобы КР был просто номинирован, все-равно в какой номинации (желательно на саундтрек). это бы означало, что будет много упоминаний, приколов и проч... а его вообще даже не упоминают. но ничего, радует что Крэйг будет на вручении и это главное.


pinkhorse написал(а):

получить Оскара за Бонда - это бред.
будто это предел его таланта.
нафиг, догоним и перегоним! =)

Золотые слова!


Betina написал(а):

(желательно на саундтрек)

обожаю эту песню :heat: если не услышала её, день прошел зря! :D


Evangelina написал(а):

если не услышала её, день прошел зря!

аналогично!  :D


Академия огласила список из 56 песен, прозвучавших в 2006 году в полнометражных фильмах. Из них 16 января будут выбраны от 3 до 5 основных претендентов, а песня-победитель будет явлена 25 февраля в кинотеатре Kodak.
Напомним основные правила, которым должны соответствовать песни для попадания в данную категорию: слова и музыка композиции должны быть написаны «специально» для фильма, а сама песня либо должна прозвучать в картине, либо указана в титрах.

P.S.: , не забудьте обратить внимание на последний трек списка. Пожалуй, мы будем за него болеть.

You Know My Name” from “Casino Royale”

она 56


так еще есть шанс? круто  :good:


У меня скачались лучшие саунтреки к бондам кайф  :lol:


Daniel gets his hands on an Oscar

by BAZ BAMIGBOYE - More by this author » Last updated at 10:35am on 12th January 2007

James Bond star Daniel Craig will soon be getting his hands on the world's most coveted golden statue.

The actor, who gave the 007 film franchise a much needed shot of adrenaline with his rugged make-over of the fictional secret agent, has agreed to be a presenter at this year's Academy Awards ceremony at the Kodak Centre in Beverly Hills next month.

• Blonde Bond tops list of BAFTA nominations

Executives from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences observed how well Casino Royale went down with audiences and critics.

More importantly, the picture took a whopping half a billion dollars at the worldwide box office ($100 million of that in the UK alone).

Those figures made the Oscars folk pay attention because they want leading ladies and leading men with global reach who will appeal to television viewers in the 80-plus countries that broadcast the Oscars show.

There are some who felt that Daniel himself should be in the running for a best actor Oscar. His take on Bond - he bruises, he bleeds - was brilliant.

Indeed, he may well end up with an Orange Bafta best acting nomination when the list is announced today and I know of one prestigious annual film honour being presented in London next month that has his name on it.

Next week Daniel can be seen in the superb movie Infamous, which stars Toby Jones as Truman Capote. Daniel plays one of the real-life killers Capote chronicled in his famous book In Cold Blood. Infamous opens here on January 19.

Daniel told me he plans to make a couple more films before he takes on his second assignment as Bond, which means he won't have time for stage work until, possibly, next year.

An Oscars spokeswoman commented that the presenters list was 'still being finalised'.



Blond Bond tops list of today's BAFTA nominations

Last updated at 12:13pm on 2nd February 2007

Daniel Craig as 007, in the scene that secured him the Best Actor nomination in the minds of women everywhere
Most popular stories

Blond Bond Daniel Craig is the first 007 to be nominated for a Bafta best actor award. The nomination, also Craig’s first in his 14-year acting career, elevates the screen spy to new heights.

• See the list of nominations here

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Of all the actors who have played the Ian Fleming hero, only George Lazenby came close to a major award with a Golden Globe nomination in 1969.

The remake of Casino Royale has enjoyed box office succes and critical acclaim and its success has been sealed by Craig’s inclusion in Britain’s most prestigious film awards.

The shortlisting of Craig, 37, makes a total of nine Bafta nominations for the movie , including outstanding British film, best adapted screenplay and a “rising star” mention for Eva Green.

Dame Helen Mirren picked up one more nomination when the Bafta shortlist was announced today at the Academy in Piccadilly.

Dame Helen, 60, is nominated for best actress for her portrayal in The Queen, directed by Stephen Frears and chronicling the imagined fallout within the royal family following the death of Diana.

She already has nominations for the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Oscars shortlist is announced in 10 days.

Mirren and Craig are two of a string of British stars nominated for Baftas. Last year, the Academy sparked fury from critics and a rebuke from Lord Puttnam when it gave all the main honours to American films and actors.

Today The Queen led the pack with 10 nominations, including best film. Dame Judi Dench will challenge Dame Helen for best actress for her performance in Notes On A Scandal, alongside Kate Winslet for Little Children, Penelope Cruz for Volver and Meryl Streep for The Devil Wears Prada.

Peter O’Toole makes it to the best actor shortlist for Venus, in which he plays a bitter old actor.

Also in the line-up for best actor are Leonardo Di Caprio, for The Departed, Richard Griffiths for The History Boys and Forest Whitaker for The Last King Of Scotland.

The Bafta ceremony is at the Royal Opera House on 11 February.


Вы здесь » Daniel Craig Forum » Новости. News » Получит ли Дэниэл номинацию на Лучшего актера?