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Дэниел в Швейцарии!!!

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A Bond in Switzerland!
May 18, 2007

Attention! Keep your eyes open if you're walking near the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel at Interlaken! You might meet the dark Daniel Craig (39 years old), who is the current incarnation of James Bond on the big screen. The actor is staying for several days in the Bernese Oberland for professional reasons. He is shooting scenes for his next film, "The Golden Compass," at Grindelwald, a village which he finds "grandiose." So Switzerland and its magnificent countryside will have their role to play during four little minutes in the feature film in preparation.

For the second time in Switzerland

"I don't know if walkers will really have an opportunity to encounter Daniel Craig's beautiful blue steely gaze," said his press agent, Susan D'Arcy in the Allemanic media. "Because Craig is really very absorbed in his work. He just takes breaks for meals."

The first time the actor set foot in Switzerland was last November, for the Zurich premiere of "Casino Royale." He won't stay in our area long, because it's predicted he'll go to Cannes soon. So to those who absolutely want to shake his hand: "Hurry up!"



повезло швейцарцам... не могу понять - а как же какое-то там шоу? а как же Канны?  :blink:


А фотки есть?


Vetrova написал(а):

А фотки есть?

все фотки в нашей Галерее))) ссылка на нашем новом сайте - http://danielcraig.ucoz.ru/ (на главной)
этот форум уже нерабочий...

Вы здесь » Daniel Craig Forum » Новости. News » Дэниел в Швейцарии!!!